Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Messy Desk Re-do!

I've got such a knack for making messes...at school and at home.  Although some types of messes are welcome, some are definitely not aloud!  Our home desk area has been a thorn in my side.  We have this tiny alcove beside our staircase that fits a perfect laptop desk.  I thought I had it under control with a nifty paper tray, pencil cups and a magnet board.  This area slowly (actually, quite quickly) became a catch all for paper work that needed to be dealt with, filed or recycled.  Also all my hubby's music gadgets. Thanks to Pinterest I researched until I found the look I *think* will work!

This is what I started with:
  Note: I did not reorganize or clean up any of the mess, I wanted to be honest!

Now I'll show you what we did.  First, here is the "inspiration" picture I found:

We made ours a little different...here's how:
1. Cover the mail slots with decorative paper
  • I found a cool bag I'd been saving that looked like vintage ads to use as the paper
  • Use MOD PODGE (i love that stuff!)
  • Use a credit card/shoppers card/old gift card to smooth out the bubbles
  • Sand down with an ultra fine sanding block to make edges smooth

2. My husband is Mr. Safety.  He wanted to make sure those mail slots and top shelf would never come off! So, he put some L brackets on the inside of the mail slot that attached to the bottom of the shelf and then to the wall.  Make sense??

After his second attempt (notice the white patches on the wall?) he got the new system on the wall!  We flipped the white magnet board, added a hook for his headphones and a small basket for all the "crap" (aka music paraphernalia).

Let's hope this new system works!  We are on day 4...so far, so good!


  1. Love it! :) Looks great. PS. Love your new header too! :)

  2. I love your new desk area....I REALLY REally need to do something similar :)

  3. very cute, but seriously, jess, my desk looks like your "before" picture on it's very best days!!!

    also, doesn't it make you feel bad that some children live and learn in these very cluttered classrooms by no fault of their own? I've seen some awful cluttered preschool classrooms and i think it's just sad.

    1. I've seen some terribly cluttered classrooms as well. It doesn't make for a very calm or productive environment. A dream of mine is to become a classroom liaison. I would love to help set rooms up and mentor new (or lost) teachers. :)


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