Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Chicks

One of my fav blogs Happy Hooligans made some super cute Easter chicks and I had to make them!  Well, I had to improvise a bit as I was out of the yellow tissue paper she had used.  I found (deep, deep in black hole) some yellow, fuzzy (MESSY) fabric that I thought would be perfect!  I really try hard to use what I have around the classroom (or in deep, deep black holes) rather than buy new stuff. 

All you need is:
paper tubes
yellow paint (or markers, or crayons)
wiggly eyes (or just draw eyes on with a marker)
orange felt/paper for a beak
something yellow for feathers (feathers, fabric, tisuue paper, crepe paper, paper scraps, etc)

After we made this project I remembered why I put that material into the deep, deep black hole.  When you cut this stuff it ends up EVERYWHERE!! :) 

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  1. It might be messy, but I like your fuzzy chicks better than the tissue paper ones. :)


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