Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dyed Pasta Necklace

Dyeing pasta and rice is such a simple task!  All you need to do is look in your pantry and your medicine cabinet.

Materials needed:
Pasta (or rice if you want to make colorful rice for a sensory bin)

Food Coloring (or if you have liquid watercolor use that-that's what I had used on mine)                              **Darker colors work best on pasta**
Rubbing  Alcohol

Mix food coloring with the rubbing alcohol then add that with the pasta in a ziploc bag. Shake and massage the color all around the pasta until it is fully colored.  Drain the liquid. 
Lay the pasta onto cookie sheets to dry.  You may need to dab them a bit with paper towel or a towel before setting them to dry.  Don't do what I did and have them dry on paper towels!! :)


  1. I loved this Idea. Will definitely try at home. Mansi@experimenting-mom

  2. Any mama would wear these proudly! My kid loves making jewelry out of stuff. Maybe that's because my husband pays him for his creations.

  3. We have done this with penne pasta, but I think the pasta you used is so much prettier.


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