Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chompie the Alligator

We wrapped up our reptile unit talking about alligators and crocodiles.  Creepy creatures for sure! But, as creepy as real ones are these paper ones we made are oh, so cute!

I pre-cut (which I hardly ever do, but I was in a time crunch!!)some rectangle mouths, teeth (you can use pinking sheers/scrapbook scissors to make the sharp teeth), triangular tail, small rectangle legs and larger rectangular body

1. Glue teeth to the mouth.  Grrrr.....

2. Glue the tail and legs to the body

3. Glue on a wiggly eye and then using a brad, attach the mouth to the body.  You can also add glitter to the body for scales...but...I didn't want to get messy this day!  hee hee

Chomp! Chomp!
Snap! Snap!


  1. I just found your blog through Circle of Moms, and I'm so excited! I have two little ones at home, and I'm ALWAYS looking for fun crafts for them to do. I can't wait to start some new projects!

    1. Thank you, Lianna! Weather you like to get messy or not, I've got all types of activities! :)

  2. Good idea- good for pasting and cutting skills! We did an alligator craft, too! But, we painted rocks like alligators.... :)

  3. What a fun craft to use when covering a reptile unit! I'm sure the kids loved it! What grade level was this used for?


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