Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Upcycle Your Old Calendars!

My mom recently gave me a stack of calendars.  Two of which are actually usable...wait...actually ALL of them!  2 are actually 2012, but the rest range from 2009-2011.  One of those calendars was a Dr. Seuss theme.  I quickly took all the pages off and brainstormed.  Here are some ideas I came up with:

Simple: Use pictures as decoration.  You could frame or just simply tape on the wall.  I put these three in our school library as Dr. Seuss' birthday is coming up.

Here I cut some photos up randomly to make puzzles:

These were cute little pictures of trees, balloons, animals, characters that I protected with contact paper and attached velcro (hook side) on the back.  Great use on a flannel board to make up your own story!

This was my favorite idea.  On the back of your calendar there are mini photos of all the months pictures, right?  So I color copied those pictures, cut them up and made it into a matching game!  I glued the color copy to a file folder and used the sturdy calendar pictures as the cards to match. 

I'm still thinking up some more....


  1. Great ideas, Jessi! I really like the matching game idea.

    I just had a thought. Put the mini photos on a folder and laminate it. Post the large pictures around the room. Use the folder as a list for a scavenger hunt/I spy game. Check off the pics you find with a washable marker (or dry erase marker). Hmm.

    1. That is an AWESOME idea, Scott! I've got a couple more calenders...I'm going to try that out. Thanks for contributing your idea! :)

  2. we've done puzzles but we also make matching games out of it (some of the more artistic ones tend to have a motif between each image so it can be tricky--just tricky enough to be fun!). I like scott's idea, too. we've done that, too!

  3. Great ideas! I have a bunch of calendars that I got for 10 cents on clearance at Wal-Mart last year. I've used some of them, but still have some to use up!

  4. I have come over from The Imagination Trees facebook page where you were mentioned and am delighted to have discovered your blog.

    I have a stash of calendars and have written two blog posts about several different ways to use calendars with children. If you are interested the links are:

    i am just about to add myself as your newest follower :)


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