Sunday, February 19, 2012

Olllie the Octopus and Jumpy the Jellyfish

We were in an ocean mood last week so we talked about octopus and jellyfish.  Tentacles, muscles, stingers, stranglers, sizes, name it we talked about it!  Boy were they ever enamored with the facts!  Here are two cute crafts we did...

Ollie the Octopus: Cutting a large circle, counting 8 tentacles, drawing "suckers" and rolling the tentacles (a  wonderful skill for little fingers!!).

 This is the rolling part.  Using a pencil to roll the tentacles proved to be a "time taker". Great pincer practice!

Jumpy the Jellyfish:  I'm pretty sure I found this on Pinterest...
Using a clear plastic umbrella shaped object, think bottom of a water bottle, apple container (what we used) or plastic applesauce cup glue strips of bubble wrap to the underside.  Cutting the bubble wrap was difficult for some of the kids, which I liked.  Sometimes they need to struggle a bit to figure things out. ;)  I also strung a piece of fishing line so it could be hung.

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  1. beautiful jellyfish! there's been so many nice ocean animal activities *floating* around the blogosphere lately!

  2. Why thank you Stephanie. :) I really love doing ocean theme at school. I may just do that for the entire summer...there are so many great ideas!

  3. I love the jellyfish. What a great idea! I love the idea of doing a transparent craft. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I am currently studying to become an Early Childhood teacher and I absolutely love all of your posts! You always have such creative and fun ideas and I love that you include pictures with the activities :) I always love coming and looking at all your ideas and thank you for sharing them!


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