Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marvelous Monsters!

Monsters are such a big part of a preschoolers imagination.  From pretending to be one to being afraid of them.  We talked about all aspects.   I carefully paid attention to make sure none of the children showed any signs of fear,even though all our monsters were very friendly. :)

 This idea was inspired by Jamie over @ hands on: as we growYarn Monsters!

A cup of (slightly) watered down glue with "dump" of glitter (HEY! no mess glitter!)

Smoosh the yarn into the cup so it gets covered, pull it out and "squeegy" the glue off. 

 Place the pile of yarn into a muffin tin so it gets a nice shape.  Let it dry over a few days. 

After they were completely dried, we added googly eyes and another piece of yarn to make necklaces!

Another messy monster project we did was Squash Monsters!
This idea comes from the typical paint drizzles on paper, fold over and squish type of art. Fun, magical and a{contained}mess!
1. drizzle paint on one side of a folded piece of paper


 3. Open and Admire your handy work!

 4. We used {PASTE!}to glue on some large "googly" eyes.  Using this type of glue is awesome for working on small motor skills.  (I think I might use it more often...it was fun!)

For more monster ideas check here!


  1. wow, this might have to be our next theme. it's always part of the children's play : ) every day they tell each other "everyone can come to my birthday party except for Abiyoyo and Godzilla!" (another universal theme with children---birthday party exclusions!).

  2. haha! I love the symmetry monsters! Awesome! And your yarn monsters turned out fun! Those googly eyes always work wonders, don't they?


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