Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Pinterest Favorites: Get Organized!

Anyone have a resolution (or goal) to become more organized?  Have a pantry that is always in disarray?  Crafting room a mess?  I'm always looking for new ways (no-low cost) to organize an area of my home and my classroom.

Here are some ideas that I've done recently that have helped:

At School:

In my son's playroom:

In my closet:

What I plan to do in the next month:

At School:

At Home:

At home and school:

Pinterest is such a great place for inspiration and motivation!  I've got more organization and helpful tips here if you want more ideas!


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  2. Hi, I am a follower of your blog. I am doing the rounds spreading the Pinterest love at the moment. I've just put a link on my site to add your latest teaching ideas and discoveries from Pinterest if you are interested. Either link up your pinterest board or a post about your current faves.
    You can find it here, From Mrs C @ Excuse Me! Mrs. C

  3. Thanks for deciding to stop by and link up. Those shelves for picture books are really cute.
    Alissa (Mrs C)


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