Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trashy Tuesday: Dramatic Play

I thought a new twist on my trashy tuesday posts would be to show you ideas on how to upcycle items into your centers!  Today it's your dramatic play center.  Do you put themes in your center or just keep it as a "house" area?  I do both.  Here are some fun themes and ideas on how to simply change them with items you have around the house/school.

Scrap paper, Easter Seals stickers (they look like stamps!), envelopes, boxes etc.
Here is a cute mailbox I found via Pinterest:
Source: ikatbag.com via Jessi on Pinterest

Shoe Shop:
Collect shoes children have outgrown, your shoes, boxes, rulers (to check shoe size)
This was a cute way to incorporate some math (and art) into a shoe shop:

Fire House:
Use shirts that are colored red, yellow or tan to make "fire jackets" (you could also make patches or use fabric paint to put insignias on them), cut up garden hoses and attach a sprayer, put felt or paper fire on things to "put out", ask your local fire dept for any extra (safe) equipment that may be useable with children.

Make menus with pictures from magazines and glue onto folders, collect take out containers, put a tablecloth on the table with a small vase/flower, paper/pen for the server (and apron!).


Grocery Store:
One of the easiest! Collect (clean) containers, grocery sacks, baskets for the fruit/veggies (real or pretend),  paper/pen (for making your list!), cash/coins (real or pretend), wallets/purses, carts (this I'm still trying to figure out how to make).

Doctors (family, vet, dentist)

Patient Files:
Source: ikatbag.com via Cate on Pinterest

Fake Casts and X-Rays:

Okay, I could go on and on about Dramatic Play!  It's so easy to come up with ideas!  I think I'll stop now, but if you want more, check out my Dramatic Play section on Pinterest!

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  1. Some fabulous posts! I have just found your blog and am your newest follower! What a great collection of activities you share here!


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