Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trashy Tuesday: Block Center

I love a good block center.  I wish I could make mine about 5 times bigger, but I've got (very) limited space. So, I do what I can and just change items in the center every so often.  Here are a few fun "trashy" items that I've put in our center in the past:

Wood tiles(?) samples: Make great roads, roofs, walls, ramps, etc.
 Rubber samples: see above
 Not sure what these are samples for, but they look like logs!  So fun!
 Clear tubes and plastic brackets: tunnels, roofs, castle bits, etc.
 Plastic Bottle Caps are great to stack and accessorize your buildings.
 Maps: 'cause you need to know where you are taking your vehicles on vacation!
 Plastic grass sample: they love to use this as a "field".

Also good to use:
Cardboard tubes (of all sizes)
Pieces of fabric
Nature items: sticks, pinecones, shells, driftwood, etc.
 Rain gutters
Cardboard boxes
Plastic Cups
Foam pool noodles cut into small segments
Heck...just look in your recycling bin to find all sorts of building materials!

All of these items can (should) be FREE!  Ask your local home improvement store for discontinued samples or extras.  They will be happy to get them off their hands!

Use your kids to come up with fun ideas, or simply just watch them.  I certainly didn't realize that the maps I had in the writing center would of been useful in the block center until I over heard a child looking at it with a line of cars wondering where his vacation was going to be and how to get there!


  1. Seriously, you have the best trash ever : )

  2. So fun. Love the grass . . . I'm going to hunt for some at design centers/home stores in my area!

  3. Just wonder how you go about asking home improvement stores for samples (for free)? I'm a newer teacher and would love to have some of these things in my classroom!


  4. stephanie, you can ask for samples that may be discontinued. it never hurts to ask for anything! :)


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