Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions or Goals?

Every year many of us reflect on what we wanted to do that we hadn'tt accomplished.  I didn't exercise to my fullest, I didn't organize the garage, I didn't learn a new skill..... How about a reflection of what we DID do?  I try not to put to much on the "new year/new beginnings" ideal.  I try to look at each day as a new day and take it day by day.  Sure I've got goals and things I want, but sometimes I don't put a deadline on them.  It's just too stressful!  Last year I had a newborn, so my "goal" was to be the best mom/wife I could be.  I'm pretty sure it worked.  I found my groove.  I figured out how to be those things plus more!  Now, I'm not saying all was perfect and I did everything I wanted, but we are still breathing, we are still healthy, we are still standing and we are STILL SMILING!!  :)
This year, my resolution for the new year is to do exactly what I did last year!  (I'm also throwing in an extra goal of learning to crochet.)  :)  
Now, that was for my personal life, what about my TEACHER life?  I've been reflecting on my teaching strategies and everything I've learned in the past year.  I looked at what I may need to change and base my resolutions for this year on that.  Really?  I learn something new every day!  So, this year and every year day pushing forward my resolution or goal rather, is simply to BE THE BEST TEACHER I CAN!  That's what it's all about right? 

From my family to yours,

Happy New Year!  What will you bring to 2012? 


  1. I like the idea of focusing on what you DID do. Kind of like a "done" list instead of a "to-do" list.

  2. Great post!! I love to sit down at the end of December every year and review all of the things I did. I don't focus on what I didn't do... just keep trying.

    I love your "best mom/wife" goal.

    I am reading a cute book called Love Life and See Good Days. It is all about changing your perspective each day and seeing the good in each moment (that might be concealed). It is a great challenge!

    Happy New Year! Love your family picture.

  3. Hi! You have a precious little family. I am your newest follower and am giving you the Versatile Blogger award. Just go to my blog for the details and to link back!

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