Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's Learn About Shapes!

Learning about shapes was a huge hit in the class.  We talk about different shapes all the time, but dedicating games, art, books, music, etc. to shapes alone had some real appeal.  The major thing we talked about was how to find shapes in our world.  Looking around us and finding things that held a shape we knew was really fun.  I gave them "homework", which was to look around their home, places they went and even things they saw as they rode in the car.  Wow!  Did I get a response the next day!  Here are some activities we did:

1. Lacing squares (cubes)  2. I taped different shapes on all of our tables

Stamping with different circle objects.  Inspired by Picklebums!

Making shapes in sand. This was a big hit!  They especially liked when they could gently shake the tray and their drawing disappeared!

Way cool, way easy and way fun!  DIY Bouncy Balls.          Found it here.

Shape patterns

Group work: small shapes on matching large shapes.  We chose to glue ours on, but you could use this as a repeating game and just have them place objects (that you wouldn't want glued) on it and start over again!  

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  1. Your class looks like a lot of fun! We do the sand tray as well, as of recent. We were doing some messy art with salt and after he completed his picture, my son had a wonderful time drawing in the salt that was on the table. So it reminded me that I've been wanting to get him a tray to do that in. Is that colored play sand? I hadn't thought of using that.


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