Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gettin' Our Literacy On!

This week for letter "L", we are focusing on Letters (!). Loads of fun books, games, projects and many other activities. 

Here are some fun things I was able to capture:

In the Sensory Bin: Beans,Magnetic Letters, Magnet Wands, Cookie Sheets

Playdough: Letter cookie cutters  (I also showed them how to roll the dough and make letters)

Chicka Chicka Boom! Boom!  Coconut Tree: arm/hand, Child cut leaves/coconuts, felt letters

Fun books we read:

Ok, I could really go on forever with all the books we read!

We played many fun games, but I was playing, so I couldn't capture photos. :) 

Also, check out my pinterest board with some great literacy activities from some great bloggers!

I'll have some more fun literacy posts later this week.  Stay Tuned!

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  1. Just had a "Why didn't I think of that" moment! Love the magnetic letters and magnet wand idea in the sensory bin!


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