Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trashy Tuesday: Glass Jars

I've been neglecting my weekly "Trashy Tuesday" segment.  I've decided that I'd just surf the web (i.e. Pinterest) for great ideas to go along with my subject.  Easy and a plethora of great, new ideas!

My Dad does this in his garage to house all the loose nuts/bolts/screws/etc.

This is just gorgeous!  Imagine a your back yard filled with these for a summer solstice party!

This is just genius! 

So pretty!  I could see hanging this in the classroom but with succulent plants!

Great Christmas project! Easy, pretty and MESSY!

HEHEHE! I love these! Storage for all those little lego people.

This is my favorite.  I've had this pinned for some time.  I've been wanting to do this at home and school.

This is what I do in my home with my jars:
Storage for crayons, buttons, clips, rulers, scissors, markers, pencils, etc.

Collecting stations for bottle caps, plastic lids, cork, box top labels, etc.

Some of these projects would make great DIY gifts this Christmas or if you're in a classroom some would make great gift ideas kids could do for their family.  There's still time!!! :)

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  1. I now save all jars- right now I use them for brush storage but they always come in handy! And I think they look cute, too!


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