Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Door

I've seen the super cute hand print Christmas tree all over Pinterest.  Cute idea if you're making a small one.  I however needed a large that fit our classroom door.  I don't have the patients, nor do the children to stamp our hand prints one by one in neat little rows.  Forget it!  Here is our version of the adorable hand print Christmas tree:

Tree! Going crazy with hand prints!

Star/Tree Stump

O' Christmas Tree!(if you noticed I had to split the tree in half to fit our door.)
 After I had taken pictures and uploaded them/watermarked them I realized we had decorated the tree with ornaments.  I'm just too lazy busy to take a "finished" product picture. :)

More Christmas projects to come!


  1. wow I love this & it is so doable with little ones - best thing is you could do so many different shapes with this idea - thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is lovely, we did this in the preschool room last year, but we didn't think to hand print the base or the star, I might do this next year in the kindy room. xoxox

  3. This is a really "do-able" project! Thanks for sharing! You know I'm pinning it! LOL

  4. Great idea. Just curious as to why you watermark the picture? (Not saying it's a bad thing just curious)

  5. Neat idea! It's so simple. I like simple for those times when I just need to get something out in a pinch.

  6. This is awesome! They must have had a blast!!!


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