Saturday, November 5, 2011

Messy Jessi Had A Farm..EIEIO!

We love farm units around here,especially since we just visited a farm!  I also love doing a farm unit around fall time because there are so many "fall" type of activities that can be intermixed with a farm unit.  Here are some fun things we've done:

"Udderly Beautiful" Paintings. Prick small holes in the fingertips of a latex glove. Now fill the glove with semi watered down paint. Hold the top of the glove and let the kids squirt out the paint as if they were milking a cow.  Super fun!  **I did this awhile back, but learned a lesson in putting ONE color in each glove. 

Fun, Messy and you use a whole lot of paint!!!

Chick a dee nest: I came across these cute strawberry baskets awhile ago and new I'd find the perfect project for them. :)  We "sewed" together a comfy nest and stuffed it with crumbled strips of newspaper for...

Our cute little chicks! 

We are growing corn!  In a Ziploc baggie put a wet paper towel and a few popcorn kernels.  Tape them to the window and watch them sprout!  We added some shape scarecrows to protect our corn. 

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  1. wonderful! I'm doing it all!!! especially the corn in the window sill : ) and the latex glove utters : ) and the chick in the basket! oh my!


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