Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homes In Our Neighborhood

H is for House.  What type of house?  Well, as the children are finding out a house can mean many different things for people and animals!  On Monday we talked about our neighborhood and what was in it (including our school!).  I thru out all my paper scraps and the children created their own homes...some even include wings! 

We also watched a video clip from one of my favorite childhood show, Sesame Street...circa 1977!

Did you notice my new watermark? My husband (who actually reads my blog!) commented on my previous watermarking, noticing that it could easily be cropped off.  So, I made it nice and big across the picture.  I hope it's not too obnoxious?


  1. hi there! thanks for the flashback to--what?? the year i was born, 1977?--i actually listened to the entire youtube vid--and loved every minute of it : )

    so one thing about houses is that i've had to actually teach my teachers that not all of us live in the kind of house with four bedrooms and a roof. some of us live in buildings with elevators and stairs, or townhomes with small yards or no yards. i guess we're all learning the meaning of antibias curriculum : )

    i just love your blog, if i haven't mentioned that already : )

  2. I love your blog and all the fun projects you plan!

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    Rockabye Butterfly :)

  3. Ah, yes. Good ole Sesame Street! I recall how I used to sit in front of the TV all day watching this in our home at Palm Harbor FL apartments.


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