Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Gardens: Veggie Prints

Last week I realized something.  I had taught the children that the word stamp and/or print was different than painting with.  99% of the time when we paint it's with an object and there is no rule.  When I realized that we had used corks to make the grapes earlier in the week, they had stamped with them.  Wow!  Seeing the look on their faces when they could "make" a shape with an object was like a new thing to them!  So, here we go..veggie stamps!  They were *amazed* when the veggies they eat with made shapes like, circles, ovals, crescents, flower, rose,etc.  The classroom smelled like veggie soup that day! 

**If you work with your children at home this would be a great idea for left over veggie scraps!  Paint or Stamp with them!  **OR, if you teach at a school....bring your leftover scraps from home into the classroom!


  1. We were talking about food and nutrition this week and I saw this and ran out and got some veggies. They turned out great! Thanks for the timely, easy, beautiful idea!

  2. What a fun blog - pinning this blog down for my 2 little daughters!


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