Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trashy Tuesday: Film Canisters

Does anyone even use 35 mm anymore???  I came across a few in my scavenging and have had some fun finding ideas on how to use them in a creative way.  

How do you not find these little penguins adorable?!

This is something I plan on doing this week and doing a guest blog about!  I found this idea here.  (sorry its a super fuzzy pic)

Here area some ideas I've used them for (no pictures included) :(   
  1. Smell Test Bottles: Add aromatic scents to the canister and poke holes in the lid.
  2. Film Canister Rocket ( a TON of fun!): Here are some directions I found floating on the web.
  3. Maracas: Decorate as you wish, cut a small hole or slit on the bottom of canister and push a popsicle stick or dowel in for the handle.
  4. The ideas are endless!


  1. I've also seen (was it Bev Bos?) use a balloon stretched taut and (and fastened with tape) over a film canister. When "plucked", the balloon makes quite a beautiful sound!

  2. I love your little penguins. My daughter and I have made paper penguins together but these little canister ones are so cute.


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