Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spooky Spiders

I am so excited to of been able to have my very first "guest blogger" experience!  I was asked by the gals over at Frogs, Bees & Under The Seas.  They are hosting a lot of fun activities thru October for fall/halloween. Here was my guest post:

With Halloween coming around soon we have begun to "decorate" our classroom with Halloween and fall items.  Today I'm showing you how to make super cute spiders from film canisters!  I know, I know nobody uses those "old fashioned" cameras anymore but you never know when you'll come across a gaggle of these!

I started with canisters and then drew out lines(with a white pencil) on black construction paper, about 1/2" thick for the kids to cut.

Great cutting practice!

Counting eight legs and then splitting them was a great lesson!

We glued each set of four legs together and then glued the two inside the lid.

Meanwhile...or if you're thinking ahead of time (unlike me!) poke a small hole in the bottom of the canister to thread fishing line thru.
Next, push the lid on the canister.  It will be a VERY tight fit.  Bend the legs down and add googley eyes!

I hung them up in front of some marble painted "webs" we made earlier.  SPOOKY! Even a little Kooky!

Check out all the fun over at Frogs, Bees & Under the Seas!


  1. these are cute! we made marble paint webs but i love the metallic looking paint!

    would love to invite you to link up this idea & any others on my weekly child centered linky party - The Sunday Showcase (open thru Thurs.) - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com/search/label/Sunday%20Showcase


  2. I love these spiders, and you know what? I just happen to have a ton of these canisters in a box in my closet! Thanks so much for linking this up to Monstrously Creative Saturday! :)

    Mandi at BBM

  3. Just started a job in prek. I find that I'm frequently visiting your site. GREAT ideas!! Love the spiders.


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