Friday, October 7, 2011

Dinosaur RAWR!

Oh the joy's of learning about dinosaurs! It never gets old!  We began our week and ended our week messy and full of excitment!  (the messiest will come in a different post all on its own!)

Here are a few cute projects we did:

Paleontologist Dig: In the moon sand tables

D for Dinosaur!

Dinosaur Stomp!  The kids were shocked when I set out the paint with dinosaurs in them.  "You mean we can put paint on them?"

Fossils: We used plastic lids (like those from butter tubs), filled it with plaster of paris and stamped a dinosaur in it.  **I learned that you have to let the plaster settle and get a little bit solid first otherwise it won't work.**

Wooden Dinosaur Cutouts (found at my favorite teacher spot, T4T)

Shoot! I didn't get a chance to add our Shoeasaurus!  I traced the kiddos shoe and gave them scrap paper to cut, glue and draw their own parts onto the body of their dino.  I was amazed at what they did! I was very proud...too excited to even remember to upload pictures.  :)


  1. Great ideas. I especially love the d Dino. Very creative!


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