Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trashy Tuesday: Store Samples

Oh, yes! The store sample.  Paint store, flooring store, wallpaper store, fabric store...etc.  There are endless possibilities.  Herea re a few items that I've added to either my block center, art center or outside.  

Here are a few examples...

Fabric Samples: They had trees on this particular fabric, which I made into a game.

Flooring Sample: Great little pieces to add to the block center for building roads!

Mystery Sample: I'm not sure what these were samples for, but they're great logs to add to a center.

Cabinet Samples: Wonderful colored wood planks.  They love them in addition to the maple unit blocks.

Paper Samples: These great paper samples came spiral bound.  Perfect for book making!

Fabric Sample: Burlap is perfect for sewing. (I used yarn needles for this project.  Plastic, large eyes and not very sharp. ;)
Outdoor Terf Sample: Last year our park took out the grass and put in the "fake, plastic stuff".  This was a sample they gave us before installation.  It is perfect for our grazing animals.

Leather Samples: I just got this over at T4T and plan on looking for a leather stamping set.  Bracelets, bookmarks and ??? could be made with this great fabric.

Screen Samples: Very sturdy!  I plan on doing some sewing/weaving practice with these and maybe some print making?   

I don't have any photos of wall paper sample projects, but I know that list could go on FOREVER!  Samples are easy to get.  Many times stores throw them away (gulp!).  Go get your self some great materials (for FREE!)...don't be shy now! ;)

Have any great sample ideas or projects?  Link them up!


  1. OOOO, I have to get me some! I went to a paint store for paint swatches. But I'm so loving this more! I'm excited looking at it!
    Thanks for sharing these!


  2. How does one obtain fabric samples???!!! I've never seen any of those available at Joann's!

    I just love the tree fabric and the apple picking game you invented!


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