Wednesday, September 28, 2011

bAng! BaNG! Part II

Last week we continued our construction theme.  I brought in a toolbox with an assortment of tools for them to experiment with.  I was shocked at how many of them knew the names of the tools!  I asked them how they knew (thinking it would of been from Bob The Builder/Handy Manny, etc.) and they all said from their dads! How awesome is it that!!

On Monday we (loosely) constructed a building.  It could be a house, a town, whatever they deem it to be that day.  Held together (loosely) by painters tape and a day later painted.  

The kids told me where to cut windows and where to tape the boxes.  Thank goodness I'm not an architect!

Finished product! They have loved playing with this run down shack beautiful structure!

I found these awesome Base 10 blocks at T4T and knew they would make awesome buildings!  They made airports, jails, princess castles and houses.

Ooey Gooey School Glue works great! 

And, again at T4T I found some large blueprint copies.  I set it on the table along with some markers and the kids started to trace the plans! 

Coloring on sandpaper feels: "bumpy, scratchy, funny, good and lovely"!


  1. I do remember how much I like to draw on the sand paper when I was a child. If you paint on the sand paper after the crayon drawing, paint would make the crayon even more shining on the sand paper.

    By Anna Mo

  2. That is a great idea Anna! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What wonderful activities!I love the blueprint activity!


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