Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Schools Back In Session!!

Summer is long gone behind me....and it's still 110 degrees outside!  While the rest of the country is still enjoying their beach vacations, summer walks to the library and reading books under a shady tree we have put our new duds on and sharpened our pencils! :)  

My classes are much smaller than in the past, so I'll have less kids and less messes!! But, don't you worry there will be plenty of messing around soon.  Actually, I've had two projects already to show you.  Just some random back to school stuff. :)

This was a project to emphasis their names.  This was fun!  We folded a piece of paper in half, painted their name near the fold (on the inside) and then "smooshed" the paper closed.  When we opened it...Magic!  Our name appeared on the other side, but it looked different. ;)  We cut around the name and colored around it.  

This project was to introduce the "proper" way to use a glue stick.  I just wanted to get them used to rolling the glue up and how to gently slid it on paper.  (You know, not roll the glue all the way up and then smashing it down...even though that is lots of fun!!).  We were successful!  I laid out lots of art collage pieces for them to glue on a cardboard piece.

p.s.  Did you know I have a grab button now?!  If you choose to grab and post on your blog, let me know!


  1. I usually have a gluestick lesson as well - I spend so much money on glue when that one child decides to mash all the sticks in the box!
    I love all the collage items you presented the kids!

  2. I am a preschool teacher as well! This year I will be teaching 3's and 4's. THANK YOU for your blog!! You are so inspiring and have FABULOUS ideas! I am so excited to be following you. :). Btw... I grabbed your button too! :) my blog doesn't focus on preschool, but I will be posting my days once school gets underway~

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