Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We've Gone MAD....for Science!

Lab coats, goggles, magnify glasses and beakers were all over the classroom last week!  This was such a fun theme!  I incorporate science into our lessons almost every day, but an entire week of just that!!?? I was in love...and so were the kids!  This really peaked all their curious little brains.  Some of the questions were even far beyond my knowledge. :)  There were so many different experiments going on, some of which were, well, kind of duds.  But, that's the purpose I suppose! 
 Here are only a few things (my hands were full of stuff most of the time-which means not a whole lot of photos) we had buzzing around.  

Electricity Ball!  This child had way too many questions about electricity that I couldn't answer!  We looked them up online and he lost interest when I tried to give him the answers...they were way over our heads! :)
Discovery Bottles: These were just a few that I made and took a picture of.  Bubbles: Add half of the bottle with colored water, then add a drop of dish soap and shake!  Waves: half colored water, half oil (I only had veggie oil on hand, but baby oil works much better).  Sink or Float: Water/glitter.  Oddly, half of it sunk and half of it floated!  Static: Add tissue paper squares, rub on either carpet or hair!
Helicopters: This is the directions on how to make a paper helicopter.  Add a paperclip to the area you fold.  Thinner paper spins much easier than thicker paper. 

Hold it up very high, we stood on chairs, and then drop.  They spin!  Very fun, very entertaining and it (child's attention) lasts a very long time!!
Penny Cleaning: Add "dirty" pennies to vinegar and salt

Can you tell a difference?  The right penny had been cleaned in the solution.  Yeah, it was pretty uneventful. 
Pepper Scatter: Add pepper to water

Pepper scatters when you add a drop of dish soap!


  1. oh my kids love science... thanks for sharing these great, yet simple, ideas!

  2. Looks like lots of fun, Jessi! And, success or dud, I'll bet the kids had fun exploring. I'm thinking I need to make a lot of different bottles for experimentation.

  3. Fun experiments - great way to get hands on to learn about such an abstract thing.

  4. Science experiments keep my boys engaged for a long time so I'm always looking for easy stuff that will teach them something. thanks all of these look great-- the discovery bottles will be perfect for their ages.

  5. Another fun one with pennies are to add a drop of ketchup to a dirty penny (since most kids might eat ketchup regularly, it fascinates them). Let sit a minute, then wipe clean! Or dip half a dirty penny in a dish of ketchup, hold for a minute, take out then wipe clean - they see the dirty side and shiny side.

  6. Excellent collection of science activities for preschoolers! Love it!

  7. Great ideas...thanks for sharing....


  9. What a great idea to include science as a brain break!

  10. Noah's Uncle Damon showed him the water/pepper/dish soap trick back in November- very cool- and still not sure why it does that???


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