Friday, July 1, 2011

Indoor Camping Fun!

Camping is one of my all time favorite family memories.  I still camp and plan to raise my children in the great outdoors, as well.  We brought that fun into the classroom this past week.  Tents, a river, campfires, s'mores and bird watching were a few of the fun things we did. You can also check out what we did last year here.

 A river runs thru the class room!

Campfire: Rocks, sticks and tissue paper!

Mmmm....s'mores!  Using the mini marshmallows and chocolate chips gives the kids more hands on time putting it together and helps them count! This was done in the toaster oven.  We also did an experiment with marshmallows in the microwave....

Peek-a-boo!  A friendly owl (sticker on a popsicle stick) peeking out of his home (paper towel tube)!

Twiggy Frame: I gathered annoying cute little sticks from my front yard so we could glue them on a frame.  Magnets on the back!  ...the picture is of my hubby and our two dogs, Trey (the big guy and Abi (the littler one).  1 year ago our sweet Trey passed.  I framed him this week to remember such a sweet friend to us.

Coffee Play dough makes great "dirt/mud".  I added trees, tents and some forest animals.  Quirky Momma has a fantastic recipe! Check hers out!!

Pine cone Painting!  We rolled the pine cones to make interesting tracks. 

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!!  If you're loved ones have or are serving in the military, Thank You for protecting us all!!


  1. Camping indoors is perfect on a rainy day around here!

  2. We just finished our camping theme in summer camp. O so much fun w tents made from sheets, pretend campfires, real S'mores, a canoe. Check out the links:

  3. What great ideas and so much fun!

  4. Oh fun ideas. Love the river and the campfire. I pinned the campfire.

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