Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're Flying Off To Outer Space!

Last week was our first week of summer camp.  Majority of the kiddos are repeats, but we do have a few newbies, so the adjustment was easy.  We began our summer camp exploring space.  Here are a few projects we did.  (You can also check out our space theme from last year.)

 Paper Grocery Bag Astronaut Helmets! Directions: cut a hole!

Flying saucers or planets: I hot glued two cd's together and one either side we glued Easter eggs.  (I poked a hole in the top egg to tie fishing line thru before I glued.) You can decorate how you like, but we just used a glitter glue combo to paint on.

We've been invaded!!!


  1. Far out, Jessi!!! I've got to try to remember this one!!!! :)

  2. Love the UFOs. I never know what to do with all those old CDS.


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