Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome To the Jungle, We've Got Fun and Games....seriously, we do!

The rain forest seems to be such a delightful place to's so dry here in the desert.  I think I've gone thru 2 bottles of lotion and June isn't even over.  So, we had to use our imaginations a pretend!  I could of turned of the a/c and made it real swamp like, but that would of just made us a wee bit grumpy. :)

We started by making a large tree with large leaves and even a twisty vine!
We added footprint parrots and what you can't see is frog and butterfly stamps on the tree trunk.  FYI: Brick walls are not a good hard surface for stamping. :)

This is a square tissue box that we turned into camera's.  I forgot to take a picture of the finish product, but here are the photos of things you need! :)  Cut a hole in the bottom, that will be your view finder, add a square of foil on the top right corner for flash, a button on the top for the "picture taking button", and a string to wear around your neck.  I also added paper around the box so they could draw pictures.  

Monkeys In A Tree!  IKEA had this great fabric with funky trees...I had them cut out and then the kids added thumbprint monkeys!  I added the features because I had one permanent marker... :)

Isn't he sweet?
Watch out! Poison Arrow Frogs! 

Games we played:
Jungle Charades
Leap Frog
Monkey Babies (kids are parent monkey, beanbag on their back was the baby)
Parrot Mimic (basically copy cat)

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  1. The thumbprint monkeys and the frog are just too cute!


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