Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art Overload!

This week theme was titled "Art Studio".  We talked about many different ways to be an artist, whether it be thru painting, singing or sculpting.  We explored paper maiche, painting with unique tools, book making, mosaic and sewing.  I truly lived up to my name this week!  I'm not even sure "messy" lives up to what kind of week we had. :)  Here are some photos of our creations.

Paintings w/unique tools (legos, toothbrushes, sponge, etc.)

Paper Maiche Bowls (also our Father's Day gifts).  I was unable to use my camera while we were making these (I was a mucky mess!).  We used strips of newspaper and a mixture of flour and water. We layered the strips atop plastic bowls and allowed to dry for 2 days.
Bean Mosaic: Many different types of dried beans and gooey glue!  What could be better? 

Sewing: I taped off a square of burlap and gave them a yarn needle (great for kids because it's not sharp!) and some string.  We worked on going in and out and around the fabric. Some of the children got mildly frustrated and gave up early, while some really wanted to master this and stayed at the table for quite a while. 
This is was by far the messiest project of them all!  Thanks to Teacher Tom, a parent in our school (who also follows his great works) was inspired by one of his creations.  So, her and her husband built us replica...but much larger than his!  Here it is folks, our very first attempt at Pendulum Art!

As you can see, our first attempts were a bit "dribbly". After a few tries we realized we needed to thin the paint a little bit and lower the cup.  

It works!!
This photo is to show you 1.The scale of our pendulum and 2.Just how excited the kids were to let go of the cup!

And, this is to show you that sometimes projects take a completely different turn...

A special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Smith for the great pendulum and Mrs. Smith's pictures!  (she has a fun photography blog if you want to see some of her work!)