Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Along Lil' Doggies!

This past week the kids (and I) were ranchhands in the desert! Living in the desert is an advantage, although because we live in the big city, most children didn't even realize it! I showed them photos of different types of cacti.  Many of the children then realized that they have them in the front yards (or neighbors, relatives, etc.). Here are some of our fun projects we did this week.  You can also check out some of our other desert/western themes we've done in the past here.

Cacti ( I hung them over a desert backdrop)

Using a mixture of the above ingredients paint a cactus!  When it dries it has a cool bumpy texture.  The corns syrup allows the salt to stick.  
Up close look at the texture.
"Blingy" cowgirl/boy hats!  The "hat" is stapled to some bulletin board border. :) 
Ranchhand vest: I tried to take photos of each area I cut, but it just didn't look right.  Basically you cut a hole in the bottom for the collar, holes in the sides to slide arms into and then cut the front like a vest.  Make sense?  We decorated them and also cut "fringe" around the bottom.  (That was a fun new word!)
Another great project we made was a stick horse.  My batteries ran out in the camera, so I was unable to photograph them.  We used sturdy mailing tubes, cut slits in the top to slide a horse head into to. Simple, but yet a project they LOVED! We had some wild horses running around that day!!

Fun game ideas:
Pin the Hat on the Cowboy
Lasso the cow (chair)
Toss beanbags into a cowboy hat


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  1. I love the ranch theme. The cowgirl hat and recycled vest is really cute!


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