Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday's Wisdome: How To Be Brave

 Kumquats: A small citrus resembling an itty bitty orange.  I had them for the first time in New Orleans when a seller at the farmers market was trying to persuade us into eating it.  "Go ahead", he says with a sly grin.  "Just pop the whole thing in your mouth!".  YOWZERS!  Those little puppies pack quite the punch!  Super sour at first, then you end with sweetness.  
Every year I buy a few at the farmers market (soon I'll have a kumquat tree of my own) and bring them into the classroom.  You don't peel, you just "pop" it in!  (I cut them in half for the preschoolers today). As I presented these little gems I asked who wanted to be really, really brave and try one.  Many raised their hands and to my surprise ate them much braver than I!  Seconds, even thirds were asked for.  What brave little soldiers I have! :)

Yes, they are really sour!


  1. They are sour... but addicting... I've eaten a whole carton by myself before... YUM:):)

  2. How fun! Lily just asked today if there were oranges that didn't have to be peeled (apparently it's just too tedious for her, ha!) and I told her about these. I've never had them though, she and I may need to get brave and try them!

  3. Have you ever tried popping them in your mouth along with a piece of dark chocolate? YUM!!

  4. Okay I needed to share with you that today Andrew tryed fresh cherries and kind of liked them he said he prefers grapes :) Also while at the grocerie store he saked if we could buy mushrooms and tonight he helpe me cooked them and ate a whole bunch. Is this my picky child?


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