Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trashy Tuesday: Brown Paper Bags

I love making things from paper grocery bags, but so many of them have all the stores print on them.  Paint does a good job of covering most of it up.  I also love using the smaller paper lunch bags (especially the white ones!)  Print shops make bags for some companies and if they make a mistake they trash them! So, if you have a print shop near you call them up and ask for some either sample bags, or even keep your name handy for anything they have to throw away (you never know what you'll end up with!). 

Here are some fun ideas I've found: (just photos, but I think all you creative folks out there could figure out how to make it)

Paper Bag Turkey

Paper Bag Fireplace

Paper Bag Whale

Some ideas that I've done:
The ever so popular paper bag pumpkin!  I always look forward to making this during the fall.

How about a treasure map?
-Draw a "map", crumple up the paper and then rub it together.  If you do it long enough the paper will feel old and worn.
Paper Bags rolled up make great hats!  I've done this for Cat in the Hat hat's and "Crazy Hats!". 

And, of course the most useful is a puppet!

Google "paper bag puppets" and then click the images button on the top right.  Wow! Lots of ideas for great looking puppets!

Here are some other uses for paper bags:

Paper Bag Scrapbook

Paper Bag Box  

Paper Bag Wreath

There you have it! I could go on and on about all the paper bag crafts and other uses,but who has time for that?! :) 

SAVE those bags!


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