Sunday, May 8, 2011

1..2..3..Are the Numbers You Will See!

Last week we took a week of focusing on numbers.  I introduced the 5 year olds to the word "math".  I explained that when they get to kindergarten this is something they will work on...even have math homework! They were very enthusiastic! With the that, we worked on shape patterning, adding simple numbers, recognizing numbers in the 20's and much more.  Here are some games, crafts and manipulative that we worked on.

Number Toss: I wrote numbers on this large, heavy duty shower curtain and had the children toss a beanbag (see the red blur?) on it.  I had them tell me the # above, to the left/right and under where the beanbag landed. It was a great way to learn the 20's.

Number Collage: Using numbers from all corners of my room (I don't know where half the c#@p I own comes from) we collaged them onto paper.  The 3's class really enjoyed it.

Number Books: Again, more stuff I found in a nook or cranny.  These are paper samples with spiral binds. Perfect for books.  I used a highlighter to write the number, which the children then traced with a black marker.  Then they used small stickers and put the right amount on each page.

Another version of the Number Book: I made these from newsprint paper.  Just folded in half with staples along the edge.  This time along with the numeral I wrote the number word for them to trace. 

Number Sort: Using odd containers (from applesauce, butter, etc) I wrote a number on the bottom.  I gathered small erasers (from a hole in my room) to sort into each container.  Buttons are also a favorite of mine to sort.  -Ask your grandmother...I'm sure she's got a large container of them stashed away. :)
File Folder Game: Ten In The Bed.  Using a file folder, turn it sideways.  Use a piece of scrap fabric to make a "blanket".  Tape it on the sides and bottom, but not the top. You want to be able to "tuck" the bears in.  On the top portion of the folder make a bed frame.  Then make little bears(or any animal/child of your choice) numbered 1-10 on a wheel.  Use a brad near the bottom middle so it can spin.  Make sense? Do you know the rhyme? Here is a version I found online. At the end when there is one left, we say "I'm lonely, come join me" then we can count backwards and then all will be back in bed. :)

Number Ladder: I found some old business cards, punched holes (kids could also do this if time allows), wrote numbers with the highlighter and then they laced the numbers counting backwards.



  1. You inspire me to reach higher as a teacher. There are certainly ways to teach without work books. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Thank you for such a great comment, Ms. Debbie!:)

  3. I love your number sticker books. We use fancy colorful paper napkins as the covers for those. And I adore the number ladders! Why didn't I think of that? It's fantastic and thanks!

  4. I LOVE your blog! I am in AZ, you totally turned me onto T4T! Did you go yesterday? I didnt win anything in the raffle :( I love seeing your ideas. Your love for your class definitely comes through to your readers.

  5. Thanks, Shelly! Isn't T4T awesome?? I get so excited when I get to go. :)

  6. Love the shower curtain idea. I'm thinking you could do so much with a checkered shower curtain like that!

  7. Love all of these ideas!! Especially the number shower curtain!


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