Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday's Wisdom: How To Make a Mohawk (all by yourself)

Student V came into school with an awesome mohawk today.  I made it a big deal how cool it was and then asked him "How in the world did you make that?!".  So...this is how you make a mohawk all by yourself:

Student V: Well, first I got my hair a little bit wet.  Then I used, you know, one of those pokey brushes and brushed my hair up.

Me: How does it stay up?

Student V: Oh, I used gel.  I put my hand on one side of my hair and used the brush on the other side to make it stick up.

5 minutes later, Student A came up to me and said, "He looks like a motorcycle guy.".  hehehe

Student V heard and asked "Why?".
Student A: Because you have spiky hair!
Student V: Oh! And its because I have this bracelet on!

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