Friday, April 22, 2011

Weather Watcher

As I was typing the title, our circle time weather song popped in my head.

  Weather Watcher, Weather Watcher
  What do you see? What do you see?
  Tell us what the weather is. Tell us what the weather is.
  Won't you please? Won't you please? 

Anyways...back to my post! :) We were learning all about the weather this week. We don't get all 4 "regular" season here in the desert southwest.  We get hot, warm, cool and every once in awhile, rain!  We actually get a pretty awesome monsoon season July-August. Many of our children have never seen snow!  We are maybe an hour away in any direction, from mountains that are covered in the winter.  I decided to focus on weather we see here in our home town.

Windy Weather:
Windsocks: Sturdy paper (we used old posters), streamers, markers (or paint), tape, string.  Children decorated the poster with pretty spring pictures, then flipped it over to add the streamers.  I then rolled it into a cylinder shape and added string to the top to hang it with. 
This is the back of our posters.  I found them at T4T.  The posters had a 1985 date on them!! ;)
**I realized after loading pictures that I forgot to take a photo of the final product!

Will it move in the wind?
Finding odds and ends we tested what items would blow away with the help of a windy fan!

Changeable Weather Pictures
I found this cute activity over at Frugal Family Fun.  Children drew an outdoorsy picture, then we put it into a folder with a clear protective cover. 

Now, with a dry erase marker you can add different types of weather! This one is a tornado...

Puddle Jumping
Just as the name says, we jumped in "puddles".  I put on a summer thunderstorm nature cd and we went at it.  We also would jump in one puddle X number of times.  Wore those kiddos out!

Cloud Shapes
If the day allows, lay down outside and look at clouds and come up with different shapes they make.

Color order
We discussed the order of color on a rainbow.  We even made up a song!
(2) Rainbow Suncatchers
Cut up paper the colors of the rainbow.

Add the scraps to contact paper!  Makes for a cute window decoration. 
For the second suncatchers, I peeled crayons and used a sharpener to make shavings.  Then, we sandwiched them in between two pieces of wax paper and ironed them.

I cut each color into 1" strips.  The children then took one of each, put them in color order and sandwiched them again between two pieces of wax paper.

Iron again! 

Then, cut out a rainbow shape, or what ever shape you desire!  These simply turned out much cuter than I imagined!

Taste The Rainbow Necklace
Laced Fruit Loops on string!  Some children even made patterns in the rainbow color order!

Mailing tubes: Paint

Some tubes didn't have coverings, so we got into our collection of caps and found some that fit.  I hot glued for extra support.
After they dry, add packing peanuts.

We use a mixture of rice, beans and quinoa.

Slowly add the ingredients.  Finished!  Beautiful sounds came from all around.

Tornado Tubes:
I'm telling you...these have been such a hit in all classrooms I've ever worked in! You've got to get them if you don't have them already!!!


  1. Great ideas :) I really love the way both of your suncatchers turned out. We have a rainbow motif for our school logo. I think I'll have some of the littles in our center make these to decorate the office!

  2. I love all of these!! I love the bright colors too and the wax paper rainbows are awesome!!

  3. This ALMOST makes me want the school year to last a little longer...ALMOST! But since I'm not retiring, I'll make a plan for next year! Thanks to you and your good ideas, I'll stick around a little longer.:)

  4. The windsock is hanging under the fan because "it's always windy under it" and the necklace didn't make it to the house :) all I have is a string.


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