Friday, April 15, 2011

V for Veterinarian

The classroom was transformed into a veterinarian's office this week.  The children had a bucket of animals to take care of and on other days they brought their own from home that were "sick". ;)  We set up a table with all the necessary doctor equipment, had a desk with sign in sheets, phone and hours of operation and of course, a waiting room. :)

I had the opportunity to sit (gasp!) at a nearby table and observe and dictate the conversations between the receptionist, the patients and the doctors.  Here is some of what I heard:

Reasons pets were seeing the doctor:
  • Broken ear
  • Bit by a rattlesnake
  • He can't taste anymore
  • His wing is broken because he was poked by a cactus
  • His chin was broken on a sidewalk (eek!)
  • He fell really hard and broke all his legs off.  His heart is also coming a little off.
Phone conversation by a receptionist:
"...ya....ya...ya, ya, ya...oh, oh what happened?...ya..ya...ya... (this went on forever, then an abrupt BYE!)

Doctor diagnosis:
  • She has boogers in her lungs.  
  • She needs this medicine, it cures very well.
  • I need to put these special glasses (3-D glasses) on so I can see exactly what the problem is.
The receptionist desk.  Waiting room is across the way.
Doctors office.  We had band aids, surgery caps, tools and when they were done seeing the doctor, a sticker. :)
 We also made these:
This is my attempt at making stethoscopes.  Pipe cleaners and bottle caps.
The afternoon class made great vet boxes to use at home.  We decorated a shoebox with animals (cut from old ZooBooks magazines) and had a sign that read "Dr. (their name) 's Veterinarian Box.  
I surprised them with goodies to put inside!

Surgery cap, blue cloth, bandages, medicine (beads inside a little jar), syringe.  

Here is a clipboard I also made for the "receptionist":

I used some stiff plastic board (probably used for some type of packaging), added a binder clip and cut some paper!

Exciting week!  A lot of animals went home feeling much, much better. :)


  1. oh how I love your stethoscopes!! Great idea! We just had an office...I think I will set up a clinic!!!

  2. Can we hire your receptionist? She sounds great!

    I can only imagine how cute this was to watch. :-)

  3. What a great post and idea for a dramatic play center. I love the things the kids said too. It must've been cute to watch. I've included your post on my weekly favorites here:

  4. What an awesome idea. I love your stethoscope! The conversations are priceless. I will bookmark this post for future use.


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