Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trashy Tuesday: 2 liter Soda Bottles

  First, let me just say there is a huge difference in the quality of a 2 liter.  I only like name brand bottles!  It's all in the plastic.  Generic soda bottles have a flimsy plastic and it just won't do for the amount of abuse they go thru in the classroom. 
 Alrighty! Now that I've got that off my chest I can get to the point of this post!  Don't throw your bottles in the recycler just yet...try these fun ideas first!

  • Tornado Tubes:
You can buy the connector (which I do) or make your own! 

  • I Spy Game:
Fill the bottles with rice and small objects.  Using clipart I made pictures of all the objects and glued them on a piece of poster board.  (As you can see there is a penny w/an X.  I found out after I glued it on that a penny does not fit into the opening of a bottle!).  When a child finds a matching object they can put a marker on the object.  

  • Terrariums: This is an activity I hope to do soon.  It looks like a great science activity!

  • Bubble Blowers!
This was made from water bottles, but I suppose a 2 Liter would work, too!

  • Sensory Bottles: Fill with oil (baby oil works best) and water, glitter, small objects. 
  • Magnet Bottle: Fill with rice or beans.  Add small objects that are magnetic.  Use a magnet wand to slide across the bottle to attract the objects!

One of these days I'll add a linky to get other's ideas, too.  Anyone have advice on a certain linky they use??


  1. Sounds like a collection of really neat ideas! I use the bottles for bowling pins. I fill the bottles with water and put a different color of food coloring in each one. Set up and roll a kick ball. It's great to get little muscles working! They last forever, but if wear and tear does get to them, you can easily make a replacement! :)

  2. Hi Ms Jessi -

    I really, really like the I Spy activity. I suppose you could use macaroni - the trick is to find lots of little items to "hide." It would be fun to add some sort of theme... alphabet or Halloween

  3. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas to do with 2liters - We got a birthday party this weekend and will have lots of these leftover! YAY!

    Thanks for linking it up to It's Playtime this week again. I hope you stop by again next Thursday to play too.

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

    Oh - BTW, I'm gonna share this on my FB page too :)

  4. Bubble blowers!! Brilliant! I have bottles, bubble mix and a sunny day! thanks. Found you through It's Playtime

  5. I featured this posting on my page at It's Playtime this week. I have a special "featured" button if you want to use it. Thanks for sharing this activity with us last week!

    Messy Kids: It's Playtime


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