Monday, April 4, 2011


**This was suppose to be done and posted last Friday afternoon....

What a week!  I'm so exhausted and it's not even over.  Today marks the first day of registration for summer and fall programs, which means I've been running around getting all things ready for that. Plus, tomorrow we have an Art Show displaying a lot of the children's artwork.  They have been waiting anxiously for this day!  I'll try and get a post out with pictures. 

Luckily, the theme this week was really fun and (easy) for me!  At circle time when I introduced the word "transportation" I received many funny looks.  One boy asked if I meant Transformers, another child thought the word meant TelaTransportingBoth were pretty close. :)  

Here are some super fun projects we made this week:

I found this great idea (with small modifications) at

Egg Carton Choo Choo Train

This is the smoke stack made from a 2-3" piece of paper tube.
Glue on the smoke stack and add a little bit of smoke (cotton balls stretched out)!

These are the materials you need to make a quick and easy (and floatable) sailboat!  The sail is made from foam, in case it gets wet.  I let the children use my "adult markers" to make designs on their sails. ( Regular kid markers are washable, there fore if the sail gets wet, the marker will wash away.)

 No pictures, but we also made simple paper airplanes.  I didn't realize the power of a paper airplane!  They were entertained for a good 20 minutes!  
We also ran Hot Wheels thru paint to make tracks.  They were quite worried about their cars being so we had a car wash! :)

Pictures of the art show coming soon....


  1. Neat crafts! We are definitely going to make the tp cars :)

  2. I LOVE all the changes to your blog!! And the transportation ideas too:)

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  4. Followed from We Teach!

    So glad I stopped by this is a wonderful hands on craft!! I wish I had done this with my Transportation Preschool Theme !

    Now I have your idea for next time!!


  5. What great ideas! My two older kids (4 1/2 and 3) would love these crafts! New follower from the Ultimate Blog Party!

  6. Awesome crafts! I knew I'd been saving my TP rolls, milk caps, and egg cartons for a good reason.

  7. I love them! The cars are my favourite- SO much fun! Thanks so much for sharing with us at It's Playtime. Hope to see more of your ideas next week!

  8. These are so cool. HOw did you make the airplanes? I am going to start saving materials and make some of this SOON I LOVE it. So creative.

  9. Thanks Jessi! I have some serious train fans in my preschool class and was looking for a new idea to explore with them! Love the egg carton train!

  10. WOW!!! I stumbled on your site a couple months ago, went back to reread all the old posts, and have been keeping up with all your classroom fun! As a first year teacher of some precocious 4-yr-olds, your site has been such an inspiration to me! And you always seem to post just what I need for the coming week... transportation is our next unit! So thank you, and keep up the awesome work! :)

  11. Thanks for the adorable train craft! I featured it on our Mommy and Me Book Club this week!

  12. Though it's messy, kids will learn a lot from it. And what's good is that the materials are just easy to find.

  13. I am a home daycare provider and love your ideas.


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