Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saturday's Art Show

Last Saturday we held an Open House/Art Show.  I had been saving some of the students art projects since January.  That was tough!  Every time we would do a project someone would ask, "Are you keeping this for the Art Show or do we get to take them home today?".  Sometimes I had to deal bargains to get them to leave it at school!  
I turned the shelving around so we could use the back sides for art space (I have brick walls and it is almost impossible to get anything to stick to it!), strung lines with clothespins across the back of the room, set up a table with projects and had a table of ready to do art for visitors. The show was very fun.  Members of the community that don't have children even showed up just to take a look at our busy room. 

Here are a few pictures....they don't do the show justice...

Noodle art and free form painting.  I used left over matting from a frame shop to display their works of art!  Doesn't it make it pop?

Messy Monsters! Finger painted, then cut our free form shapes.

Recipe: Collage Soup!

Transportation: Race Cars, Trains and Sailboats.  I added small cards next to each art piece with their name, age, art name and year. 
There were a few other art pieces that didn't make it in the photo shoot, but overall the parents loved it and most importantly the kids GLEAMED when they saw their art pieces displayed. :)


  1. Outstanding job! I love the Recipe collage soup - well actually I love them all! We will be preparing for our art show throughout the summer again!

  2. I definitely would attend this art show!

    I had completely forgotten about the recipe art idea. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Love this, Jessi! I need to make some new recipe cards soon! I'm sure the Show was a big hit! :)


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