Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trashy Tuesday: Scrap Fabric

I know there are a million and one ways to reuse scrap fabric.  Many, many more people are more creative than I and can come up with some amazing ways to use it.  I don't sew, so my creativity is limited to cutting and hotgluing fabric.  :)

Pizza!  A talented mother sew together some pizza crust and then we cut a bunch of scrap fabric for toppings.  The kids love to play pizza shop!

Not scrap fabric, but nobody wanted these ties, so I figure they are scraps. :)  Read about how to or how NOT to make these here.

I found some leftover fabric (the print in the upper left corner) from IKEA in their "as-is" room (my favorite!!) and decided to cut the cute little Swedish animals out, laminate them, hot glue magnets on the back and use for our magnet wall.  Great for kid's story telling. **I forgot to take a picture of the magnet board, that is why there is the fuzzy fabric swatch.**

I also found some of the fabric in the lower right corner (colorful stripes) and stung it together to make a curtain for theater use.

These are just a few things I could find and think of in my few last spare minutes.  Do you have anything to add??

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