Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trashy Tuesday: New Loot!

If you've been following my blog regularly you may remember that I've mentioned one of my favorite places on earth, Treasures 4 Teachers.  They exist to aid teachers across Arizona to bring supplies at little to no cost into the classroom.   I am able to get loads of paper, binders, collage materials, recycle items (tubes, jars, etc), folders, fabric (Ikea is a big donater) and a million other things.  
Since it is Spring Break, I was able to visit and gather some new loot for the classroom.  We have an art show coming up, so I was in need of some collage materials, paper and other misc things.  I can't tell you how excited I get! My mind explodes when I go in there!

  Here are some pics of my loot and what I plan on doing with it:
Clear tubes and shelf anchors (Ikea).  I'm going to use these in my block center.  

A local frame shop donates their left over matting.  I use these to mount artwork or use as a project base if a project is going to be heavy.
Lots of different kinds of paper.  Butcher paper, drawing paper, colorful scraps of card stock, cards/envelopes and the printed paper is a large envelope of some sort.  

Bottom of my bag: (from left to right) Maps, golf balls (for painting), colored sticky flags (I have an odd obsession for these!), animal cards (I'm using these during our vet week), vintage scissors (not for classroom use-I thought they were cool!) and some type of gauzy material (also for vet week, to wrap the poor animals in). :)
I also picked up a few more paper towel tubes for some upcoming projects.  Crazy to think that so much of the items above would of been thrown in the trash! I'm so thankful for places like T4T.  :)

**If you are interested in starting an organization like T4T, I recommend contacting founder, Barbara Blablock via the T4T website contact info.**


  1. It looks like I need to make a trip to Arizona - with an empty suitcase. What cool finds you have!

  2. very cool , i did see someone else loop i think once before that wonderful . It the same reason i hit the used store every chance i get but cost does add up .

  3. I recently stumbled upon your blog and I'm so happy I did!!! I went to T4T yesterday and could not hold back my excitement. It definitely is a treasure! Thank you sooo much!


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