Friday, March 11, 2011

Theme Thursday: Royalty

This was seriously such a fun theme.  It was pretty easy to find stuff to do, so it required not a whole lot of planning.  However, like most weeks half of it didn't get done and the other half was improvised.  We made crowns, played kings and princess' (because, I was told, that queens are old), read some funny "royalty-ish" books and made a really cool upcycled castle.  The castle is what I am going to show pictures of, because frankly,the kids were super excited about it and it took the entire week to make.

Here is how it starts:

 We took some shoe boxes and covered them with green paper to resemble the "hill" the castle lives on. 

Next, I measured out some white paper to cover the paper towel tubes (nothing worse than trying to put color on a brown tube) and had the children color them.  Some put windows with kings and queens looking out, some just drew pretty pictures of rainbows and flowers (mainly the girls) and some just colored.  After a day of letting the castles dry on the hill, we added some flags.  I used scrap felt and toothpicks to add to the top of the castles. 

 Next came the drawbridge that they all agreed had to be on each castle.  "It's not a castle unless there is a drawbridge, Ms. Jessi!"  After tossing and turning all night trying to think of a way to concoct this needed piece, as a class, we came up this idea: Popsicle sticks taped together!  It isn't completely functional, but the kids came up with the idea and thought it was super.  That's what counts right?? 

Lastly, we added a royalty figure.  These little guys were soooo cute!  I want one for myself!  We used a doll pin, scrap felt (cape), scrap gold fabric (crown) and a sequin button.  
I'm so messy with hot-glue! 
And you put it all together....

We also made a scepter today (no pic, :( ).  The kids were so excited to get home, put on their crowns, hold their scepter and play with their new castles! 


  1. Wow. These are super cute! The drawbridge is great - nothing like a little problems solving by kids.

  2. cute and your weeks sound like mine .. glad they enjoy it . i like the queen is old !hehe

  3. lovely- you've got some great ideas!

  4. I meant to comment sooner, but LOVE your kings and castles! They are perfect and will feature tomorrow in the Royal Get Crafty carnival! So excited!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty too!


  5. Cute! I love that the kids added the drawbridge!! Great imagination fun!



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