Thursday, March 3, 2011

Theme Thursday: Dr. Seuss is not The Cat in the Hat!

We had the longest discussion about who Dr. Seuss was.  Because all of his books have the Cat in the Hat on them, that is what they associate him with.  I have a picture of Theodor Geisel in a little book that his wife, Audrey wrote called, Seuss-isms.  It's a great little book of quotes from his books.  We have been celebrating him all week by reading his books, wearing jammies (which is silly to do at school, much like the Good Doctors books), inventing silly characters, making fun crafts and playing silly games.

Along with last years games and activities, we have some fun new ones to add.

This is an adaption from Ms. Ayn's project.

This is an example I made just for the blog.  The children were given scraps of green and white paper to cut out eggs and ham.  I made the fork out of pipe cleaners.

Left foot, Left foot, Right foot, Right!  Kids will be finding these feet around the room this afternoon. Fun to hop on, play "find the foot" (if you hide them around), compare foot sizes (they're my footprint).

Cute handprint fish.  I can't remember where I saw this a Mailbox book, I think.  The puckered fish lips are my favorite.  We also attempted to make fishy lips while making these.  There were some serious giggles!

Fishing for Exercise! This is a game I made awhile ago to fit in with a fish theme, but found it worked well when we did One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish.  I printed some colorful fish from Publisher on some card stock, wrote a silly activity on the back and added a paperclip. 
I stretched out a piece of paper the length of the classroom, added some crayons and let them trace each others foot.  We compared sizes of each others feet.  Surprisingly, mine were the biggest! ;)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Geisel!  Thank you for writing great learning books!  These books will be cherished through all generations to come.


  1. Jessi, this all sounds like so much fun!I must get the book "Seuss-isms"--love his quotes! Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. Great ideas! I love that the fishing game adds some movement fun as well! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at

  3. Hi Jessi! Thank you so much for linking to my Dr. Seuss Linky! I had to go back and fix all the photos - I don't know what happened!!

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