Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Wisdom: God's Special Powers

Student Z walked up to me with a very serious, but curious look.  

Z: "God made us, right?" 
Me:"Yes, he did."
Z: "But how did we come down?"
Me: oh boy..... "Well, God put you in your mommy's tummy, you grew in her tummy and then you were born." ...this isn't my job....
Z: "Oh, I get it now!  God uses his special powers to put me in my mom's tummy, then she gets fat and goes to the hospital and her tummy cracks open and then I come out!"
Me: ...relief...I don't need to explain any further....

Z walks away with a very proud look and carries on....


  1. That is just to cute!!!! And you sure lucked out with student Z being happy with the answer!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!!

    I am still working on that with Keegan. ;)


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