Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moody Monsters

Here in the desert our weather has not been able to make up its mind.  One day it's 75 degrees and the next the high is 48!  With the constant change in climate comes very moody children (and adults).  The moods range from high impact hyper-ness to soppy whiny-ness. So, with the moods come are a few things we did in our class this week:

Sensory Bins
  • Hairy Monsters: 3 or more colors of yarn cut up into multiple pieces, a picture of a corresponding colored monster attached to cups (I used margarine tubs).  The tub is filled with beans or rice and amongst is the monster hair.  Using tongs/tweezers children can grab the hair and put them into the coordinating cups.
Math Games
  • Baby Monsters: Large pom poms with wiggly eyes attached make up the babies.  Find coordinating Easter eggs for the babies to go into.  Great for smaller children to color match and to work on fine motor skills(opening/closing the eggs). 

One egg had twins!
Circle Time

  • What's Real? What's Pretend?: Start by having the children tell you things that are real and things that are pretend.  Show them pictures of things that are real/pretend and have them decipher between the two.
  • Go Away Big Green Monster: After reading the book we made this:
This is a large piece of construction paper folded with two "doors" closing over the picture.  Inside we wrote the above words and then had the children draw their interpretation of the monster in the story.

This is what is written on the "doors".  If you've read the book you'll get it. ;)

  • Monster Painting/Monster Pet: I set out large finger-paint paper and the children went to town with all sorts of colors! After they dried a few days later, we added different shapes for eyes/noses/mouths/horns/ears, etc. While they worked, I asked them about their monsters.  Do they have names? Where do they live? What do they like to do? What do they do during the day? Here is the story of "Scary":
This is Scary.  He is from Monster Village.  He is mean.  He can eat any human he smells.  He has sharp teeth and he's still growing more.  He has a very big sniffer.  His monster body is very big.  His phone number is 50,000.

Scary, created and told by Andrew

Last year I posted this about Ed Emberley's There Was An Old Monster. If you click on this you will see that there is a download for the song that goes along with the book.  We also read his newest If Your A Monster and You Know It .  He is just so talented!  There is also a link to download a song to go along with this book.  They are so much fun!!  We love to get out the rhythm instruments and jam along with the book/song. 

As we gear down to end our week our moods have shifted to the better.  Even with the cold weather looming over us, we know that by Saturday it will be 70 degrees again.  (As I was writing this, this morning it was 24 degrees!)


  1. Fun stuff! I really love the story from the kids. The baby monsters are cute. -Kel

  2. I love the sensory bin idea!! Fantastic! Kerri

  3. great ideas! the kids always love the book "go away big green monster!" love the ideas to go along with this!

  4. Love the monsters!! My home daycare children will love those, thanks. I like your site.


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