Friday, January 21, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen

It's K week!  Usually I like to do lesson plans on marsupials (kangaroos/koalas), but wanted to give myself a break and do something else. I get bored, too! :) Here are some of the things we did this week:

Dramatic Play: Restaurant.  Menus are made from file folders and collaged with magazine pictures of food.  Chef hats, aprons, table cloths, vase w/flower for the table and of course food/dishes.

Sensory Table: Noodles

Play-do: Bakery.  Added pie pans, cookie cutters, plates, rolling pins,etc.

Books: Lunch! by Denise Fleming; Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle, To Market To Market by Anne Miranda, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie/Pancake and If You Give A Moose A Muffin by Laura Numerof

Language/Literacy/Writing Center: Writing our name in flour or salt, writing kitchen words

Math/Science: Counting on Fries, Cereal Necklace, Measuring Liquids, Cook pudding

Art: Painting with kitchen tools, AWESOME Recipe Collage (stole this idea from the gals over at Irresistible Ideas), Fingerpaint w/ pudding and made some interesting scented watercolor paintings.
If I would of remembered to bring more utensils to work I would of...sometimes you have to deal with what you have on hand.  The kids loved it either way! :)
For the recycle recipes I had to look for items that I had a lot of. 
Recipe Cards
The children gathered items that were on their recipe card in a small basket, then took them to another table were they mix their ingredients together and came up with:
I wish I could show you their faces!  MESSY, MESSY, MESSY!!!
Root Beer Extract, Vanilla Extract and because I forgot my Peppermint Extract at home, a candy cane.  I just broke off a small piece and it "melted" in the paint and it actually made the paint smell!
Isn't this just a beautiful piece of work? And, it smells great, too! 


  1. This is such an awesome collection of ideas - this is what I would call a really FUN kitchen!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!! I love how you have incorporated the theme into all areas. Our program really encourages us to do this and I try, but WOW, I am so impressed!!! I can't wait to try so of the things you've shared. (I do a few of these things with my restaurant them and my nutrition unit.) Would love to hear much more about the recipe cards. I'm intrigued! :D

  3. I loved the recipe collage idea when I saw it on Sherry and Donna's site. Seeing it here again makes me want to experiment with it. Guess I need to add that to the list.

    All the activities look like so much fun!

  4. I love, love, love the recipe cards. Awesome idea!

  5. Love the pasta in the sensory bin!


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