Monday, January 31, 2011

I Was Brave

Okay, time to be honest.  The title of my blog would insinuate that I get messy all the time and that I love all types of mess.  Not completely true.  I HATE glitter!  It is by far the messiest of them all.  But, despite my fears of getting glitter all over, I caved.  During L for Letter week we discussed the letter our name starts with.   A concept that is great to teach preschoolers about first/beginning/start, etc.  I wanted to take their first initial and have them make it fun. I look in the craft cabinet the glitter box is giving me the evil eye.  FINE! I give in!!!

I gave each child a small paintbrush and some white glue.  They "painted" the glue on, sprinkled the glitter on and then shook off the excess. 

They did so well.  Honestly, the mess wasn't horrible.  I just may be brave again....


  1. I also dislike glitter and avoid it. But I don't have as much of a problem with colored sand. Dunno why. Maybe I had a bad glitter experience when younger. :)

  2. Wahoo! It's always good to be brave now and then :)

  3. Ha!!! This post made me crack up. We have NO glitter in my house. None. I told the director of my son's preschool (and old family friend) that I would gladly make a large donation if they could promise me they would never send another project with glitter home again. She declined the offer. I'm glad you were brave. I've been better with getting messy, but I still struggle. Good for you!!!


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