Friday, January 7, 2011

First Week Back....Old lesson plans

Being back to work after 7 short weeks is like starting a new job.  I forgot our routine and could not remember the words to songs!  Luckily, the kids reminded me of all things forgotten. ;)  I had attempted to write lesson plans while I was at home, but could barely get the first week written down.  It's just a good thing that I keep the lesson plans of years past!  So, here are a few photos I took this week (I did remember to do that!) and here is a link to these same projects we did last January.

Snowy Forest: Block trees, forest animals and styrofoam

Finger Skating: finger paint and foil

Ice Skating: Take off your shoes and slide, spin and skid across the floor to classical music

Ice Cream: Shaving Cream, paint and white glue

Recycled card igloos

Icy Observations: using bowls and muffin pans freeze small toys and talk about how to get them out


  1. Welcome back to school! I am on the other end. . . going to be going on a maternity leave. I really feel for you! I will send positive thoughts your way that you enjoy your days at work and get to rush home to your baby cakes!

  2. I love the ice one and my son loves any kind of water (frozen or not .. lol)

    New follower

  3. Love the idea of the finger ice skating! Kerri

  4. Hang in there! I remember how tough it was to go back to work.


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