Friday, January 21, 2011

Fancy and Fashionable Friday

As I was getting dressed this morning, I put on my new jeans and wondered what shoes to wear...I picked a pair that I don't wear very often ('cause they're kinda goofy looking), but they are super comfy!  I asked my husband if they "went" with my outfit. "Of, course!".  Well...if I only would of known....

Apparently I have a class full of very fashionable and fancy students...boy students that is!  Here is what I heard and saw from a few this morning...

While in the dress up center, J was putting on the "shining armor" outfit, but when it came to the helmet he said to me "Ms. Jessi, I can not wear this'll will totally mess up my hair!".  

About 1/2 hour later the same J was handing out "food" to some classmates.
"...and some bananas and some salad and some donuts and some caviar and some ketchup and some milk....".  Caviar? Really? 

And of course, student P is the stylish one of the bunch...skinny jeans, vintage Tee, and Chucks.  

So what that my preschoolers care more about fashion and "fancy" food than I? At least I'm comfy! :)

Have a great (fashionable, fancy or comfy) weekend, blogger friends!


  1. Oh, to be able to wear skinny jeans! I think I was about preschool age when I last rocked a pair.

  2. hehehe. My preschoolers often comment on what I am wearing and have no qualms in telling me what they do and they don't like.

  3. Jessi, I love the picture of your shoes and too bad I didn't see you today because from that view I think they look pretty cool. What is that talk about you not being fashionable!! I think you dress really nice and put together.

  4. I passed a blogger award along to you today!


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