Friday, January 14, 2011


Beautiful Color Painting.  We are going to mount these on some scrap matting.
Some like just one color.  Just one.  And they must cover the entire surface.
Some like to mix all the colors together.  We did just read a story about color I guess I understand. :)
This one has a story: A is going to the bank with his Dad.

Collage Materials
Gluing on color plates
A week of colorful exploration.  Collage and painting is a favorite of preschoolers, so that is just what we did.

Here is a list of fun activities we did as well:
  1. Favorite Color Graphing
  2. Separating Light/Dark colors (used from old paint sample cards)
  3. Find the Color: 6 colored papers laid out on the table.  At the sound of "Go", children run frantically through out the room looking for one small object that corresponds to a color.  After they have each found their object, we graph how many objects made it on each paper.  After 6 or so rounds, we add up and find out which color was found the most.  Such a simple game.  And probably a game that will be played many, many times.  
  4. Magic Colors: On each hand paint two primary colors (red, yellow, blue), print on a piece of paper.  Then children will rub their hands together, and ABRACADABRA-a new color!  The children were very fascinated by this project. ;)


  1. These are beautiful! I just love bright colors!

  2. Beautiful artwork! Love the vivid color on this gray day. Kids are the best artists.


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